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A Worry Free Workout

Revolutions wants you to have a worry free workout, which is why we offer child minding for the following times.

 Monday – Friday  Saturday
AM  9.00am – 11.30am  8.00am – 10.30am
PM  4.30pm – 8:00pm  Not Available


Parents please note that they will be called if:

  • Their child needs to go to the bathroom or is in need of a nappy change.
  • Their child is crying excessively.
  • If their baby requires feeding.
  • If any serious misbehaviour takes place.

Registration and Confidentiality

New parents/carers must complete an enrolment form on their first visit before leaving their child in the care of the child minder. By signing this form you are agreeing to all the policies and procedures of this childminding facility. Any information regarding your child or your family, given to the centre either verbally or in writing, will be treated as confidential. Parents/carers will have access to their own child’s records but not to others. All documentation relating to your child is stored in a file, which is not accessible to any other party.

The child minder will not discuss your child with others unless they have permission from the parent/carer.


Child-minding is NOT available without booking.

Admission into child minding is by prior appointment only. Bookings are preferred a day in advance in person or via the phone, but sometimes can be made on the day also. There are restrictions to the number and ages of children that can be cared for at one time within the child minding room. If there are already a maximum amount of children booked in or your child is too young or old, then it will not be possible to leave them with the child minder. The centre will allow children between the ages of 6 months and 10 years old. The number of children permissible in child minding is entirely up to the discretion of Revolutions Health and Fitness.

The facility cares for children for a maximum of 1.5 hours each day. If you are planning on leaving your child in for two hours, let the child-minder know, and check on them on the one hour mark and see how they are going. Talk with the child-minder and see if everything is ok for them to stay on for another hour. This is non negotiable.

The parent/carer must sign their child in and out each time they visit the centre, clearly writing their child’s name. They must also list any special needs or instructions for the child, such as allergies, teething, cuddle rug or dummy. The same person must sign the child in and out, and this person must remain on the centres premises at all times whilst their child is in our care.

Time Keeping

Regardless of circumstances, the time slot booked for your child must be adhered to. If you are late arriving, the booking will still end at the original time that was reserved. This ensures that we always maintain the child to carer ratios as dictated by children services. You may only stay over your allotted time with prior approval of the child carer or Centre management as long as these ratios are not exceeded.

Nappy Changing & Toilet breaks

Nappy changing is not provided, therefore we recommend that you ensure your child has a new clean nappy before dropping them off. If your child needs to go to the toilet the parent/guardian will be called.

Food and Snacks

The child minder will not provide your child with any meals or snacks but if you wish you can provide a light snack or drink to have whilst in the care of the centre but not in the actual child-minding room. Please do not give your child anything that contains nuts as we may have children with severe nut allergies who can be seriously affected by being in the same room as someone who has consumed nuts.

Medication and Sickness

Do not bring children that are sick or showing symptoms of being sick.

It is our policy NOT to administer any medication to the children in our care. This is the responsibility of the parents/carers. Admission into child-minding is up to the discretion of Revolutions staff.

Managing Behaviour

The centre will always promote positive behaviour in your child. Your child will be praised for good behaviour and the child minder will always set a good example and be a good role model to your child.

However, if your child misbehaves the child minder will use several techniques to deal with the child, depending on the age/stage of ability of the child and the situation:

  • Distraction. Remove the child from the situation and give them an alternative activity.
  • Ignore: Depending on the situation the behaviour may be ignored if it is being done to get a reaction.
  • Discuss with Child. If the child is able to understand the child minder will discuss the behaviour with the child and try and get them to appreciate the consequences of their actions.
  • Time Out. Removing the child from the activity and sitting them quietly for a few minutes.
  • Removal of treats.

The child minder will never smack, shake, hurt or humiliate your child.


We operate an inclusive child minding service, where all children are welcome regardless of their race, religion, culture, sex, social background etc. However, we reserve the right to exclude a child permanently in the following situations:

  • If the child continually demonstrates aggressive behaviour to the other children.
  • If the child continually uses inappropriate language (swearing)
  • If the child continually makes inappropriate remarks, such as racist comments.
  • If the child is likely to cause harm to other children in the setting.
  • If the child is found to be stealing from other children or staff.

Centre staff reserves the right to refuse admission to any child.In this case they would discuss with the parent/carer and give reasons for this decision.

Children with disabilities are also enrolled through our regular enrolment process if we are able to adequately meet the child’s additional support needs. However, due to limited staff and facilities we are unable to supervise any children with severe additional support needs.

Health and Safety

The following procedures are in place to support the health and safety of your child.

  • All toys and equipment will be checked and cleaned regularly to ensure they are safe for your child to use. Any broken or hazardous items will be removed immediately. Children will only be offered toys and resources that are suitable for their age/stage of development
  • Please ensure that if a child brings a toy from home that it is suitable for all the children in the setting i.e. it does not contain small parts etc. If it is deemed to be unsuitable by the child minder then it will be removed and returned when the parent/carer comes to pick up the child.
  • Revolutions Health and Fitness is not responsible for any toys or other possessions that the child may bring in from home.
  • When not under the care of the child minder, children are the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian and must be supervised at all times. Children must be kept away from gym equipment when being escorted through the gym.

Accident and Incident Procedure

The safety of your child is paramount and the child minder will take every measure they can to protect your child from hurting itself. However sometimes accidents do happen, in this occurrence they will be dealt with as follows:

  • Comfort the child and reassure them
  • Assess the extent of their injuries and if necessary call for medical support/ambulance.
  • Carry out any first aid procedures that are necessary.
  • If necessary inform the parent/guardian of the accident, and if necessary to take the child for further care.

After every accident, however minor the child minder will:

  • Complete a report in the accident book.
  • Ask the parent/carer to sign the report and then provide them with a copy.

Child Protection

If the child minder has reason to believe that any child within their care is being abused or neglected in any way they will report it to the NSW Department of Community Services, under these circumstances the childminder will not be able to keep information relating to the child confidential, but will need to share it with the DoCS and/or police if requested.

Contact details for NSW Department of Community Services:

Revolutions immunisation policy

Parents will need to provide evidence when applying to enrol their child in child minding at Revolutions that:
  • their child is fully vaccinated for their age, or;
  • their child has a medical reason not to be vaccinated, or;
  • their child is on a recognised catch-up schedule if the child has fallen behind with their vaccinations, or;

Please bring in their blue book or certificate of immunisation before the child attends Revolutions child minding. Adults must also remain on premises while children are in the room.