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At first I was reluctant to join the gym as in the past I found gyms don’t take a liking to morbidly obese people.

I walked into Revolutions and I was greeted by the Personal Training Manager George, we had a chat and I explained my injuries and health conditions. I have diabetes and am on 2 types of insulin medication and medication for high blood pressure and our of control cholesterol. Feeling sad, George recommended Linda Yardley as a personal trainer as she specialises in clients like me.

From starting training in January, I had lost 21kg in May with more to be lost.

With Linda’s training programs that change every month I have motivated my wife Mary to join and since also training with Linda she has lost 12kg in 3 months.

It’s made going to the gym easy with the child minding services and operating 24 hours.

All the staff and trainers including Linda, Rob, Samantha, George, Tan and Meagan along with the owns Paul, Matty and Basilio have all given me great support, nutritional advice and encouragement.

George Slyman

I’ve always had issues with my weight and my fitness. I could never stick to anything. 3 weeks was my longest commitment to any new exercise routine I started.

Since joining Revolutions Gym and receiving personal training sessions twice a week I have reaches goals I never thought I would. The facility is very user friendly and every personal trainer session is challenging and fun.

It was hard at first; using muscles I never knew were there, learning how to use equipment properly, waking up really early every morning to fit in gym days.

Despite any opposing factors, I was determined to stick with it and see how things panned out. To my amazement at the end of my first 6 week program I had already lost weight and my fitness levels had increased. I’m still seeing good results now when I’m measured and tested every 6 weeks.

The money, time and effort I have invested into my health and fitness has definitely not gone to waste.

I must say a huge THANK YOU to Revolutions Gym and to my Personal Trainer Samantha. I always feel welcomed and valued. The facility was very user-friendly, every Personal Trainer session is challenging and fun and I’ve learnt so many things that will help me manage my health and fitness for years to come.

Brianna Conlon

Me weight was up and done like a yo yo for many years, I had lost weight previously but I never continued with it. I was so hesitant to start exercising again because I knew how hard it was and didn’t want to put myself through that again. I started off slowly by walking half an hour per day and after a month I noticed a little weight loss. I knew I needed more so I started seeing a friend of mine who trained boxing which was AWESOME but unfortunately way too far to travel.

I decided to join a gym and found Revolutions, not only was the gym convenient to my location but the staff were very help with anything I needed. Whether it was nutritional or exercise advice they were more than happy to help me. I was determined to do what I needed by myself in my own pace and time slots so advice was always handy from staff.

I knew I had the support I needed and had Paul and Matt who were very helpful in all area of fitness and over the course of 12 months I learnt a lot about nutrition and exercise. I come to the gym Monday to Friday every week at various times and try to walk on the weekends. Thanks to Revolutions Gym it feels like 10 years have been added to my life.

Initial weight: 170kg.

Weight after 14 months: 120kg.

Satisfied Member